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MALL's New Website - Posted: Thursday, November 10, 2016


MALL has a newly designed website!


You can REGISTER and see our new website by clicking and visiting either of the following addresses:


We should have our current web address ( pointing there by the end of November.   

On-line registration is the best way to get your child signed up.  You’ll first need to set-up a new Username at the website.  After you’ve logged-in using your new Username, you can click the blue “Register Now!” button at the top of the webpage or the “Registration Info” tab.  You will be walked through the registration process.  If you have any questions, there are a number of discussion points related to registration on the website under FAQs.

Little League Baseball for boys and girls age 4 and up.  We play instructional divisions for younger children and competitive divisions for older ones.  All ages listed below are based on the child’s age as of 8/31/2017.  

Instructional Divisions: 

  -Tee Ball:  Purely instructional and fun for ages 4-6.  Most returning age 6 should play up in Machine Pitch.  

  -Machine Pitch: instructional, but more structured.  Mainly for ages 6-8.  Most age 8 should play up in beginner Kid Pitch.  

Competitive Divisions (Kid Pitch): 
  -Minor American: Beginner kid pitch, supplemented by a limited amount of coach pitching.  This division is mainly for ages 8-9.  

  -Minor National: Kid pitch mainly for ages 10-11.

  -Intermediates: Open bases, big barrel bats, mainly for ages 12-13.

In chart form, the following divisions will be played this spring:


Based on “League Age” as of 8/31/2017



Cost (a)



4 to 6


Instructional, purely fun

Machine Pitch

6-7 (also 8,9)


Instructional, structured

Minor American

8-9 (also 7,10)


Kid Pitch (Entry Level)

Minor National

10-11 (also 9)


Kid Pitch


12-13 (also 11)


50/70, Open Bases


Note (a):  There is a $10 early registration discount through 1/1/2017.  There is a $10 discount for each additional sibling registered.  We will start charging a $20 late fee sometime in mid-February. 

Teams will be formed in the instructional T-Ball and Machine Pitch divisions based upon friend requests, coach requests, common schools and neighborhoods.  Teams will be formed in all competitive (kid pitch) leagues based on skill assessments and a draft by the team managers (see below). 

Opening Day:

·       Instructional Divisions – Scheduled for Late March

·       Kid Pitch Divisions - Scheduled for Early MARCH

Skill Assessments for Competitive Divisions are scheduled as follows:

  • Intermediates: Monday (TBD in early February) at 6:30PM
  • Minor National: Tuesday (TBD in early February)  at 6:30PM
  • Minor American: Wednesday (TBD in early February) at 6:30PM
  • General (for those unable to make their day): Saturday (TBD in early February) at 9:30AM

MALL requires all players in the kid pitch divisions to participate in skill assessments. Player baseball skills will be evaluated by team managers and league representatives in order to be placed in the proper division and subsequently drafted by a team.     We will allow kids to play up-or-down a division based upon their skill assessments (see below).  For example, 9 year olds are slotted to the Minor American division, but may be allowed in the Minor National division if they assess high enough that the division commissioner approves it.  Older players may be allowed to “play down” a division under a similar scenario.  This is reflected parenthetically in the above age groups. Please use the "Special Requests" section of the on-line registration if you want your child to play in a division other than the ones for which he has been slotted.  

If you cannot show up on your assigned date, please plan to attend the "General" assessment on Saturday TBD.  As a last resort, please attend any ONE of the dates if none of the others will work.  Assessments should take approximately 90 minutes.  We may revise the schedule based on the weather forecast as that week approaches.  Any schedule changes will be emailed and posted on the home page.  



Click this LINK for Girls Softball with the Memorial Ashford Girls Softball Association


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Updated Aproved Bat List for 2015 - Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2014


The attached link to Little League website shows bat rules and a list of all the approved bats.  Here you will find a continually information.  It will serve as the official list to determine if a bat will be allowed for use in all divisions of play.


MALL Board


Click on "read more" for access to link to Bat Resource page)


- or -


Click below for direct access to Little League Bat Resources


The main Little League Bat Page is at the link below:



We've also put together a guideline for picking the proper-sized bat for younger children.

Bat Selection Guide



 read more ...

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